Continuing education

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A service department concerned with the development of university education and the educational environment and the qualification of teaching and administrative staff in accordance with the standards of quality and academic accreditation, as well as his interest in human resources through the establishment of various training courses, the department seeks to create a modern educational environment, and also believes in the university’s communication with the needs of the community and the labor market

We aspire to be the center of continuing education the best departments at the level of the university and other universities at the level of Iraq and due to the developments taking place in all fields of life as a result of the rapid changes in the needs of society and its desires and aspirations towards progress and advancement in the level of services provided to its individuality for the sake of well-being, there was a need for the corresponding effective training to prepare trained and qualified human resources
A center specializing in human resources training and development in different sectors, and spread training knowledge that integrates modernity with contemporary technology, This helps to meet the requirements of the labour market. Upgrading training programs by introducing modern programs in training such as electronic courses, developing a renewed mechanism of work in courses and seminars according to the need to ensure the advancement of training skills of the trainee and trainer

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