Department of Pathological Analysis Techniques

Establishment of the department

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research approved its establishment with its book numbered JH/ 3138 on 31 August 2016

According to the Department of Pathological Analysis Techniques, pathological analyses are a vital site in the process of diagnosing diseases to reach the necessary treatment and therefore the department seeks to bring its students to the latest techniques of pathological analysis and give them the skills necessary to perform this prestigious service to the fullest service to the patient and society while emphasizing commitment to the ethics of the profession.

The Department of Pathological Technologies looks forward to providing graduates of this department with information and experience that enables them to perform their duties in health institutions to the fullest in addition to giving them knowledge of how to learn continuously in addition to cultivating Islamic values and concepts, especially derived from the thinking of the people of the house for the benefit of the individual and society in the world and the hereafter.

– A qualified graduate who completed his academic studies in technical sciences and obtained a bachelor’s degree in technology – satisfactory analysis, He has the exact detailed information specialized in his work so that this information enables him to work in medical and health positions or centres.

– Does laboratory work related to isolation, Dye and examine germs found in clinical samples.

– Conduct all blood-related analyses and tests.

– Conduct all clinical chemotherapy tests.

– Performing management and exit tests and various body fluids (knee fluids, Spinal cord fluids, Semen).

Preparing tissue slides for various organs of the body and preparing them for examination.

Preparing all laboratory solutions.

Operating and sustaining laboratory devices used in laboratories of pathological analysis.

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