English language education

Establishment of the department

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research approved its establishment with its book Numbered JH/4212 on September 16, 2013.

The department’s vision lies in the increasing importance of english language today and its role in all scientific and human disciplines, the subject of English is characterized by the fact that it is included in all disciplines, so the English department is keen to prepare a graduate who is able linguistically to meet the requirements assigned to it in his competence, and in view of the fact that we live in a time of clash of civilizations and ideas and the language used in it is English, In addition, English is essential in technology and communication.

  • Preparing a graduate who is professed in his specialty and can teach English in modern methods.

  • Uncovering, nurturing and developing the energies of students.

  • Scientific and cultural festivals are held with the participation of students’ activities and are in English to develop students’ language skills.

  • Inform students about European thought and take advantage of what is useful and in harmony with our Islamic religious teachings and compare European thought with the original Muhammadan thought of the al-Bayt thought.

  • To show the true identity of The Levant to the West by preparing graduates who are able to interact with their Western counterparts (Americans) or (English) by establishing online links with American and English universities.

  • Preparing qualified graduates who contribute to building our dear country from their positions as English teachers.

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